Welcome to Mason City All Risk Insurance, Inc.  (MCAR)

We are a full-service crop insurance agency offering all lines of crop insurance; multi-peril crop insurance, crop-hail insurance and any private products developed by crop insurance companies covering growing crops.

At Mason City All Risk Insurance, Inc. (MCAR) we have access to more than just one insurance company.  We work with several crop insurance companies throughout the industry to provide you with many options thus finding the coverage you need.

Please take a few moments to read more about our agency and the crop insurance services we offer.

For Crop Insurance, you can contact us at or 641-424-0056 or send an email at for a quote.


Why do I need crop insurance?

An exceptionally bad weather year can mean the difference between success and bankruptcy.  Proper risk management is critical to helping the farmer protect their livelihoods.  Crop insurance will help you with crop damage and/or loss.

What policy is right for me and my farming operation?

Having the right insurance policy will help the producer accomplish many operation needs.  The policy can protect you against crop disasters, use it as a marketing tool to guarantee a minimum level of income, and can be used as collateral for a loan.

Who should I buy my crop insurance policy from?

We encourage you to purchase from Mason City All Risk Insurance, Inc. (MCAR) as our crop insurance agents have 5 to 35+ years’ individual experience.  Our agents will work with you to find the best policy to cover your individual needs.

How can I profit even without an Indemnity Payment?

By taking action to lock in profit when the market offers, you will unlock the true value of your crop insurance policy.  The dramatic price influxes of recent years prove that markets reward producers that have a plan to assure profit and the willingness to take action when the opportunity arises.